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Now Big Brother wants your DNA too (psst, it might already have it)

Whether it’s a good thing or not is debatable, but the truth of the matter is that Big Brother, a.k.a, the federal government, already has gathered a little too much info about us by snooping on our digital lives. Govt.-commissioned … Continue reading

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10 year old human genome feels the weight of false expectations

It’s annoying when people pick on the human genome. Especially since this June marks its 10th birthday (scientists unveiled its first draft 1o years ago), and we should be throwing the genome birthday bashes, not bashing it up. And particularly … Continue reading

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May days: a couple of highlights

May has morphed into June, but there are a couple of “origin” stories from last month that will percolate for a long time in the groove that they’ve dug into my brain. Although one is about the origins of the … Continue reading

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Genesis 2.0?

A paper published last week by a hotshot (and media-savvy) researcher got me thinking about genesis – the biological, not the biblical kind. The paper, by biotech’s enfant terrible Craig Venter, is titled “Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by … Continue reading

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