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Avian genocide in the Mediterranean: a pretty cruel “tradition”

Every year in the spring, a massive genocide breaks out in several Mediterranean countries that claims a few million lives. Avian lives. Jonathan Franzen wrote about this outrage in the New Yorker last week. If you’re a lover of nature, … Continue reading

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“Is it me? Or is it XMRV?” – the Chronic Fatigue blame game continues

Several million perpetually tired people heaved a weary sigh of relief last year when a research group “raised the possibility” that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a much-debated (and sometimes-mocked) condition, was caused by a retrovirus. Well, okay, the researchers didn’t outright … Continue reading

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Monkey tricks

Even science writing geeks have to take breaks from science writing, especially when it’s been brain-meltingly hot – that’s my excuse for not posting last week and I’m sticking to it. Blog posts on research papers will appear later this … Continue reading

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