benchtop to laptop

I’m a former lab rat who grabbed a PhD in immunology before sprinting out into the wide and exciting world of science communication. (Disclaimer: All the ideas and views in this blog are my own and in no way reflect those of my esteemed employer.)

When I’m not reading primary research or review papers (from pretty much any field of biological research), I try to round-out my non-biological knowledge of who we are and how we function in part by exploring other fields such as economics, politics, art and literature, etc. So although this blog is primarily meant to delve into the latest advances in genetics, genomics, cell and molecular biology, immunology, and the other fine disciplines of biomedicine, it will also occasionally feature non-science posts.


3 Responses to About

  1. sheeba says:

    hi cutlet,
    saw your posts. especially loved the Venter one.. keep going..

  2. chithra says:

    you have to educate us a lot.

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