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Avian genocide in the Mediterranean: a pretty cruel “tradition”

Every year in the spring, a massive genocide breaks out in several Mediterranean countries that claims a few million lives. Avian lives. Jonathan Franzen wrote about this outrage in the New Yorker last week. If you’re a lover of nature, … Continue reading

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HIV/AIDS news: the good, bad, and downright sad

During my six years as an immunology grad student, HIV research papers that had the words ‘T cells,’ ‘antibodies’ and ‘vaccine’ in them always sat on or near the top of my must-read pile. I read those papers with enthusiasm … Continue reading

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“Is it me? Or is it XMRV?” – the Chronic Fatigue blame game continues

Several million perpetually tired people heaved a weary sigh of relief last year when a research group “raised the possibility” that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a much-debated (and sometimes-mocked) condition, was caused by a retrovirus. Well, okay, the researchers didn’t outright … Continue reading

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Monkey tricks

Even science writing geeks have to take breaks from science writing, especially when it’s been brain-meltingly hot – that’s my excuse for not posting last week and I’m sticking to it. Blog posts on research papers will appear later this … Continue reading

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Some media-and-tech flavored bytes from June

Hillary Clinton is a big fan of Twitter. But some Republicans on Capitol Hill, not so much. News of this stand- off emerged after a couple of young Twitterati from the State Department made waves with their widely followed tweets during … Continue reading

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